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As one of the leading Alcohol wipes manufacturers and suppliers in China. Tangstyle produces high-quality Single Alcohol Wipes and Multiple Alcohol Wipes. The raw materials of our Alcohol wipes are Nonwoven/ Cotton/Bamboo/Paper etc.
we can provied you Single pack, 5’s/pack, 10’s/pack, 15’s/pack, 20’s/pack,Alcohol wipes
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Alcohol Wet Wipe Featured

Alcohol wipes can come in Single pack, 5’s/pack, 10’s/pack, 15’s/pack, 20’s/pack, 80’s/pack, customized and Plastic container, canister, PE Bag with Reusable Sticker Open, with plastic lid, and other. You can check out our standard designs below. If you have specific fragrance requirements, let’s discuss the design you have in mind.

Hypoallergenic Alcohol Wipes

Tangstyle Complete Clean baby wipes clean from top to bottoms
4x stronger for a durable, yet gentle clean (Vs. Leading U.S. Subbrand)
Refreshing scent for an ENJOYABLE clean
Dermatologist tested and hypoallergenic

100% Compostable and Plant Unscented Alcohol Wipes

Water Based, Unscented, Soft and Comfortable keeps a Balanced Wetness.
Gentle Enough for Cleaning for Your Baby’s Hands and Face.
Safe for Sensitive Skin – Hypoallergenic & Dermatologically Tested
Plastic Flip Top – Bag Contains 3 Packs of 80 Wipe

Tangstyle Dye Free Sensitive Alcohol Wipes

Clinically Proven: Sensitive wipes are clinically proven for sensitive skin.
Thick and soft: Gently cares for your  delicate skin.
Skin-Friendly: Gentle and hypoallergenic— 0% alcohol, fragrance, parabens and latex* (*No rubbing alcohol and no natural rubber latex)
1-Wipe Pop-Top: Dispenses one wipe at a time so you only get what you need.

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Direct manufacturer with competitive prices, Supply full system of Baby Wipes, 10x40HQ container/Month


Over 25 years' manufacturing experience, 5 year's baby wipes exportation experience, Skilled packing and loading staffs.


Product quality of Fortune 500 companies.The world's top 500 enterprises have highly recognized the product quality of our company for many years


8 Hours follow up, Professional sales team, Fluent oral English & Good comprehensive ability, Fast Response.

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At Tangstyle, We turn complex Into Simple! Follow the following 3 steps to start today!
Tell us as specific as possible of your needs, provide the drawing, reference picture and share your idea.
We will work on the best solution according to your requirements and drawing, the specific quote will be provided within 8 hours.
We will start mass production after getting your approval and deposit, and we will handle the shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,We Are has passed SGS’ audit about our quality control system.

Yes, free samples are available; you just need to pay the express fee.

OEM are welcome.There is an extra cost for private label on the packing bag,frontal tape and backsheeet,this is only first time required and returnable.

Pls contact us to confirm the specification,quantity and requried details before you place orders via Alibaba online or offline.The production time is 30-35days for new orders,15-25days for repeat orders.

To get a quote for our baby wipes, contact our customer service team. We are available 24/7. Just provide the specifics of your order like the size,quantity, requirements, etc. We’ll guide you through the whole process of ordering.

The standard turnaround time for our Wet wips is 15 to 35 business days. The transit time may also be a factor that can make the turnaround time longer by up to 15 business days. If you have custom or bulk orders, we can discuss the turnaround time before finalizing your orders.

Yes, we are always open to new designs and wipes solutions. This is why we accept customized wipes. Just tell us what you prefer and our expert customer service will work with you in the design process.

Single pack, 5’s/pack, 10’s/pack, 15’s/pack, 20’s/pack, 80’s/pack, customized,15x20cm, 18x18cm, 18x20cm, 12.6×17.6cm, 5x5cm etc. customized

How To Buy Alcohol wipes - A Complete Buyer’s Guide

Alcohol wipes in dozens of brands and styles are available these days. You’ll find different scents, no scent at all, extra thick, all natural, refill packs, flip top packs, and more. You can even make your own. How are you supposed to choose the ones that will work best for yourself?

Of course, any type of wipes will do the job eventually, but some are better or faster at it. Here’s a quick guide to buying the best wipes for yourself.

Table of Contents
Definition of wet wipes

Wet wipes, also known as wet towels, disinfecting wipes, or moist towelettes, are small, pre-moistened pieces of paper or fabric that often come folded and individually wrapped for convenience. They are mainly used for cleaning or disinfecting.Wipes can be a paper, tissue or nonwoven; they are subjected to light rubbing or friction, in order to remove dirt or liquid from the surface.

Brand Name vs. Generic Alcohol Wipes

Store Brand Or Generic Products Are Cheaper, So Many Families Use Them To Save Money. When It Comes To Alcohol Wet Wipes Wipes, Though, Store Brands Can Leave Something To Be Desired. Some Are Just Too Thin To Do The Job Effectively, Which Means You End Up Using Twice As Many. That Takes Away From Any Initial Savings On The Wipes Package. Some Store Brands Or Generic Wipes Have A Strange, Slippery Texture That Makes It Hard To Clean Effectively.

Main classification of wet wipes

Wet wipes are mainly divided into personal care wipes, household and household cleaning wipes and industrial cleaning wipes.Among them,Cleansing pads are fiber sponges that have been previously soaked with water, alcohol and other active ingredients for a specific intended use. There are different types of cleansing pads offered by the beauty industry: makeup removing pads, anti-spot treatments and anti-acne pads that usually contain salicylic acid, vitamins, menthol and other treatments).Cleansing pads for preventing infection are usually saturated with alcohol and bundled in sterile package. Hands and instrument may be disinfected with these pads while treating wounds. Disinfecting cleansing pads are often included in first aid kits for this purpose.

Alcohol wipes for multiple purposes

Alcohol Wipes are one of the most commonly used sanitization methods across the world. Typically used for sanitizing medical equipment and healthcare products, alcohol wipes are widely used as general disinfectants in homes and offices.

Alcohol wipes are used to disinfect and clean surfaces like steel, mirrors, glass, and floors and avoid infection and save household appliances from fungus, dirt, oil, and grease. Heavy-duty alcohol wipes are great at removing grime and dirt from countertops, kitchen platforms, and kitchen cabinets. Skin-friendly wet wipes also help remove dirt and oil from the face and body and are excellent for freshening up on the go.

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